Freelance SEO Consultant

I am a freelance SEO consultant with experience in online marketing including organic SEO optimization, SEO content creation, link building, local seo services, and mobile website design. I have been responsible for creating and implementing effective web marketing strategies tailored to each business’ unique goals. For example, I can develop a website SEO marketing plan to get you top search engine ranking and keep you there. Using SEO techniques, I will develop a realistic SEO strategy that effectively delivers a long-term solution to increase website traffic, engagement, and sales. As a freelance web designer, I focus on clean code, user experience and search engine optimization for both humans and search engine robots. I value clear communication, transparency and longevity in my personal life and these principles extend to my clients. is dedicated to helping small business owners. If you value your livelihood, then hire SEO professional about jump starting your online business or expanding your market reach online using SEO marketing. As a freelance SEO consultant and entrepreneur, I have your best interests at heart. I hereby promise to promote only one industry in one market at any given time to ensure your success because your success is my success. Yours Sincerely, Lee